COVID-19 Support

How we can help you minimise the risk of COVID-19

During the current climate we understand all types of organisations are preparing for a controlled return to work, social and leisure spaces, or at least, slowly increasing physical attendance in these areas. This comes with high anxieties individuals will have about any potential spread of the Coronavirus, as well as pressures to uphold Government guidelines on keeping buildings clean, hygienic and properly disinfected.

Right now, consistent cleaning and disinfecting will be paramount for the wellbeing, safety and comfort of all staff, club members, customers and visitors alike.

Organisations will be developing their own protocols on social distancing, the use of communal spaces, recommendations on personal hygiene like hand washing and ensuring there is a tailored cleaning and disinfecting regime in place, appropriate for your premises, will be crucial.

Our services related to COVID-19 include:-

  • Conducting initial risk assessments to identify key spaces and surfaces that may pose a risk of contamination.

  • Initial deep cleans to disinfect areas prior to colleagues, customers and visitors returning.

  • Devising a cleaning regime to suit your needs and budget, whether that be daily or weekly, at weekends, lunchtimes or even cleaning throughout the day.

  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, objects and equipment like door handles, push panels, switches, desktops and shared equipment.

  • Using appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques effective against the potential spread of any Virus.

  • Supplying trained staff and supervision to ensure the cleaning tasks are completed thoroughly, in sequence and with sufficient regularity to minimise any threat of infection.

  • Appropriate adherence to the Industry standard colour coded infection control disciplines to prevent and limit cross contamination between areas.

  • Supply of all manner of COVID-19 effective products like sanitisers, disinfection wipes and viricidal cleaning sprays.

  • Ensure waste is properly handled and disposed of in line with all recommended guideline.

  • Implement the recommended cleaning and disinfecting protocols where there has been an actual or suspected COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Keep organisations updated on the latest Governmental, Public Health England or any other recognised body.

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