At Vision Hygiene, we understand that a clean office environment is good for the success of a business, important for staff morale and speaks volumes to customers and potential clients about the organisation itself.

Cleaning Agreement

On any new contract we would agree the cleaning specification required, identifying the areas and items to be cleaned, and the frequency of the cleaning. Staff are trained to follow the cleaning schedule to ensure that nothing is missed and everything is completed in the allotted time. Equally our office cleaners Birmingham are encouraged to use their common sense, to do that little bit extra, or something differently, as maybe necessary.

Cleaning can be undertaken at a time to suit the customer and their operations, be that early mornings, evenings, weekends, through the night or during working hours as maybe appropriate. Our Birmingham office Cleaners can become keyholders and set alarms as necessary. Cleaning can be done daily or weekly, or at an interval to suit, depending upon the needs of the building.

At Vision Hygiene, we operate a strict automated clocking in and out system, as protection for lone workers and to demonstrate the hours worked to complete the cleaning schedule.

As a policy we will endeavour to maintain the same cleaning personnel at a customer location, so that these is familiarity and the cleaning staff build up the expertise to know the site and respond to any changing needs. The only time this would change is when there is managed absence cover for sickness or holidays.

Main Office Cleaning

Within the general office environment desks would be wiped & polished, bins emptied and liners replenished, vdu’s cleaned, phones and keyboards sanitised, cabinets and draws wiped and carpets vacuumed. Open offices may be cleaned on a daily basis with meeting and board rooms cleaned as and when used

Communal Area Cleaning

In addition to the main office space Vision also specialise in cleaning communal areas like entrances, toilets, stairs, lifts, eating and recreational spaces. As agreed with clients cleaning in these zones can be carried out daily, weekly or fortnightly.

Whether reception areas are carpeted, tiled or with marble and stonework, Vision Hygiene cleaners would undertake buffing of hard surfaces, deep pile carpet cleaning, polishing of doors and fittings, cleaning of light fixtures and entrance facades.

In hallways dusting of sills and skirting boards would be done, along with window frames, door surrounds and light switches. Vacuuming, mopping and polishing of all hard floors and carpets would be completed.

In washrooms our staff clean basins, urinals, tiled splashbacks, hand dryers, pipework and sanitise toilets. As required they would replenish paper towels, soap, deodorisers and air fresheners.

In lifts mirrors would be polished, handrails and light fittings cleaned, lift buttons disinfected and carpet areas vacuumed.

On stairs hard surface areas would be vacuumed, skirting boards and sills wiped, frames polished and handrails disinfected.

In kitchens, bins would be emptied, sides and tops wiped, dishwashers loaded, sinks and draining boards cleaned, microwaves and ovens wiped, crockery washed and put away, and all floor surfaces swept and mopped.

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